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www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comAt first glance, a new visitor to Puerto Armuelles may feel a bit lost. This town was once a port for the shipment of bananas from the surrounding plantations and a fishing village. There are not the obvious tourist sites, museums, and attractions you’d expect to see in a tourist town on the beach.

That’s what is so special about Puerto Armuelles, Panama:

It’s anything but your typical tourist town!

Which is why, if you are adventurous and willing to look a bit deeper, you may discover some hidden gems of history, present day, and the future are all around you. If you are visiting for only a day or two, you  may like to start with one of our Self-guided Day Tours of Puerto Armuelles. Fill any free time you have left with a visit to some of the little street vendors and shops, take a casual nature hike in the jungle for bird-watching, or relax at one of the many secluded beaches.

Visit Puerto ArmuellesStart your journey here:

Self-Guided Walking Tour #1 – Las Palmas & Spanish Town

Self-Guided Walking Tour #2 – Downtown Puerto & the Pier

Enjoy some local shopping and exploration:

Tips for Walking & Driving Around Puerto Armuelles

Shopping Downtown (coming soon)

Shopping at the Frontera (coming soon)

Click here for RESTAURANT REVIEWS in and around Puerto Armuelles.


Enjoy Nature & Exploring:

Hike the Corpachi Eco-Trail in Limones

Hike to Punta Burica (coming soon)

Bird-watching Around Puerto and Burica

Migratory Bird Season Begins September – November

Feeding Monkeys at Mono Feliz (coming soon)


Beaches in & Around Puerto Armuelles (coming soon)

Surf Spots Around Puerto and Burica;

Surfing at the Pier

Surf at Punta Burica

Take Surf or Paddle Board Lessons (coming soon)

Fishing in Puerto Armuelles

Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Local Panga Fishing (coming soon)



www.visitPuertoArmuelles.comRent a Bike and Explore (coming soon)

Join a Bike & Hike Club Tour (coming soon)

Also coming soon: more Hiking & Bike Trails!



Other things to do around Puerto and beyond:

See a first Run Movie at the Theater (coming soon)



Explore Landmarks around town on your own:

Landmarks Around Puerto Armuelles


Volunteer opportunities:

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comVoluntarios por los Animales de Puerto Armuelles

Spay & Neuter Clinics and Educational group

Help Save the Sea Turtles at Tigre Savaje

Protecting sea turtles during the egg laying and hatching seasons

Fundacion de Puerto Armuelles

                                               Regular fundraising and charity events

Lions Clubs of Puerto Armuelles

International Nonprofit Civic & Service organization 



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