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www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comHere is a list of MOST of the businesses you will find in and around Puerto Armuelles, Panama.


We have done our best to make this list complete & welcome your input.    This is an ongoing project!

Please contact the if you have any additions or corrections.

There are numerous small shops and street vendors throughout the town that can really only be discovered by walking around the streets and exploring them in person. From vegetable vendors selling from the back of a tuck to shoe shines in the park; even bicycle vendors selling fruit juices and empanadas. Many usually have no business name or contact information. While you are exploring our little town, please make sure to patronize these industrious entrepreneurs!



For a quick reference, Download & keep these Emergency Numbers handy while you visit Puerto Armuelles:

visitpuertoarmuelles.comPolice                          507- 770-7465

Fire (Bomberos)           507-770-7455

Emergency/Ambulance              104

Red Cross (Ambulance)  507-770-7136

 Hospital                       507-770-7355

                                           Sinaproc                      507-316-3200       

Download the Emergency numbers and Instructions on how to use them here >>>>>   


Click on a Category to view the listings:

***If you have updates to this list, please email to

Auto Parts & Repair                                                           Mini-Super (Convenience Stores)

Banks & Financial Institutions                                        Public Offices

Barbers & Hair Salons                                                        Restaurants & Fondas

Bars & Clubs                                                                          Schools

Churches                                                                                  Specialty Stores & Miscellaneous

Computer & Electronics                                                         * Art & Music

Copy & Fax Services                                                                 * Bakeries

Dentist                                                                                         * Bicycle Repair

Department Stores                                                                   * Clothing & Accessories

Gas Stations                                                                               *Cell Phones & Accessories

 Grocery Stores                                                                           * Fishing Supplies

 Hardware Stores                                                                       * Livestock & Feed

 Health & Fitness Centers                                                       * Pharmacies

 Hospitals & Clinics                                                                 * Sporting Goods

 Hotels & Lodging                                                                    * Miscellaneous

 Internet Cafe                                                                          Transportation & Shipping Services

Lawyers & Legal Professionals                                           Veterinarians




  1. Andres O. Tamayo

    Excellent Website, Keep Up The Good Work, We’ll Be Visiting Soon.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks Andres! Hope to meet you when you visit Puerto 🙂

  2. Andres

    Hello Admin, How’re things going, are you in Las Palmas or in Puerto Armuelles ? Hope Everything is going Great, and I Would like to stop by and meet you, where will it be more convenient for you, Las Palmas Or Puerto, Thanks have A Great Day, Andres

    1. admin (Post author)

      Let me know when you are in town and we can meet at one of our fantastic restaurants or coffee shops.

    2. admin (Post author)

      Let me know when you are in town and I’ll be happy to meet you at one of our fabulous restaurants or coffee shops.

  3. Jefrey Gomes

    Do es anyone have the contact information for the shipping companies there? I am trying to locate a shipping company that can take my personal belongings and tools in a 20 container to Oakland or San Francisco Ca. And Puertp Armuellas is the closest Port to Caldera. I can Transpor my things there for Loading.

    1. admin (Post author)

      As far as I know, you can only receive containers in Panama City on the west coast of Panama, and Colon or Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean side. There is talk of a container port being built in the future in Puerto Armuelles, but no confirmation yet.

  4. Shellie Leon

    There are no churches listed in the above listing. I am sure that there must be at least one Catholic Church in town. Are there any other churches and are there any with services in English?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Shellie, Just about every denomination of church is represented in Puerto. The main Catholic Church is called Iglesia San Antonio de Padua. located on Avenida Presidente Ramon. As far as I know, there are no services offered in English at this time.

  5. Beverly

    Hello! I’ve been searching and searching and I think you are the person I saw on another website that had real estate listings. I believe they were from private individuals and not realtors. I haven’t been able to find the site that I thought I bookmarked and wonder if you could help out. Thanks!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Beverly, Sorry about that. I had to take the site down for a couple of days to change the photo program. The listings are posted by individuals mostly, but can also be from realtors, agents, or consultants that represent properties. It is meant to be a community service for Puerto Armuelles and make it easier for people to locate properties for sale or rent.

  6. Don Kirby and Shellie Leon

    Well we finally did it. We visited Pourto Armuelles, were hosted by a lovely couple, Debbie and Patrick. We stayed 2 weeks, and near the end of our stay, we bought a lovely old home in Las Palmas, and will be moving down as soon as we get our home sold here in Florida. This is our second time moving to Panama. We lived a year in Bouquete. My wife Shellie, did a lot of research, and we were very interested in the history of Pourto Armuelles, and decided to come down for a visit. What a charming and lovely old town. A little rough around the edges, but we loved it. We are so looking forward to becoming a part of the community, and watching it grow back to becoming a vacation destination. Don and Shellie

    1. admin (Post author)

      It was nice getting to know you both and show you “behind the scenes” of our town. There is so much more to Puerto Armuelles than meets the eye at first. You will be a great addition to the community!

    2. Don Kirby and Shellie Leon

      Well, we are finally on our way. Both houses are sold, and the container with our STUFF will be leaving here on the 13Th of June, and we are booked on a flight the 5th of July. Then its on to our future home in Las Palmas,Pourto Armuelles. Got lots of work to do on our Lovely old home we bought. Its liviable now, but needs to have some things Tweeked and sorted out. High praise goes to Debbie our realitor for her work in finding the house for us, and spending time with us, showing us around, and introducing us to people. We hope we can be an asset to the community. We will be bringing a lot of skills Don and Shellie

      1. admin (Post author)

        Thanks so much for the kind words! You both will be great assets to the growth of our town – look forward to doing some fun projects together. See you soon!


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