Fundación Pro Beneficio de Puerto Armuelles

Fundación Pro Beneficio de Puerto Armuelles is a nonprofit organization that was founded on August 24, 2011, by a group of of Panamanian professionals from the District of Barú.

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comThe group was first organized by a group of Porteños who were concerned about Puerto Armuelles and the surrounding banana finca barrios, especially the most vulnerable; elderly, youth and families, after the social and economic collapse the town experienced when Chiquita Banana Company left the area. They conduct regular fundraisers and events to benefit the children, youth, and families. Many of their events are actually conducted in Panama City, where their office is located.

Mission: “Contribuir a que se produzca un cambio para mejor en nuestra sociedad ayudando a los más necesitados y a personas en situaciones de dificultad a mejorar sus vidas y su comunidad, brindando recursos, materiales alimenticios, promoviendo la movilidad social y reduciendo la distancia entre lo que nuestros beneficiarios son y lo que podrían llegar a ser mañana.”  TranslatedTo contribute to a change for the better in our society by helping the needy and people in difficult situations to improve their lives and their community, providing resources, food materials, promoting social mobility and reducing the distance between what our beneficiaries are and what they could become tomorrow.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the group, or specific events, and they have a very large following (over 7000 on Social Media!). FUNARMUELLES is an active organization and their impact is seen regularly throughout the community.

Some past activities they have sponsored include:

Raising funds for shoes to donate in Baru

Fundraising events in Panama City






School food program

Christmas Gifts for children of Baru









Other activities (there are MANY) include Cleaning Malecon Park and the Beach, Concerts and dinners to raise funds, Visiting the elderly, and assisting with Red Cross activities.

Fundación Pro Beneficio de Puerto Armuelles are a legal and registered Nonprofit organization (Resolved N °. P.J. 222-RI-103, Resolution No. 201-13584).

Donations can be made directly to their Bank account: Banco General, current account: No. 039-501-0819122 .

Become involved as a volunteer by calling Tel.:6997-0803/ 321-0253 or Email:


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