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There is a bar on almost every corner in downtown Puerto Armuelles. This is common in depressed economic times and, hopefully, as growth and prosperity return to our little town, there will be a wider variety of shops, restaurants, and specialty stores in town.


Bar Bus Lounge – San Vicente   507-6818-0268

Tisamar – Playa Puerto Armuelles   507-6810-4068

The bars below are all located downtown

Bar Danubio

Bar Don Juan

Bar El Recreo

Bar Joselyn

Bar Nelson

Bar El Valve

Bar un Paso

Bar Shantal’s Place

Salon Eclipse

Turicentro Isamar

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  1. Sheryl

    A lot of these posts remind me of Scranton, PA. A bar on every corner, family-run little restaurants, potholes and uneven sidewalks everywhere, people that stop/and or leave their cars in the middle of the street, and people who dart out in front of you from nowhere. But Scranton doesn’t have a beach

    I’m ready for Puerto Armuelles

  2. Rebecca

    Can I suggest adding Family Bar…its right on the sea wall next to the bus depot. They are very friendly, the bathroom is clean and usually the music is not overly loud…

    1. admin (Post author)

      It’s always nice to identify where clean public restrooms are!

      1. eugene

        I am thinking of going back.are there any bars to rent noe

        1. admin (Post author)

          I don’t know of any bars for rent at the moment. Of course, we like to say “everything is negotiable” in Panama. So, if you are in town again, it couldn’t hurt to just ask around. Never know what will come up! Good luck!!!


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