Restaurants & Fondas

There are a few restaurants, in and around Puerto Armuelles, that offer sit down dining and a menu. The majority of eateries are small family run ‘fondas’ which usually serve a set Panamanian-style menu, with 2 or 3 choices for the main course or a bowl of soup.

Some of these are as low as $2 for a meal!

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comDon Carlos – Downtown Puerto Armuelles, Pizza & More  770- 7773

Restaurante El Pulpo – Rio Mar, Seafood  6855-7104

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Restaurante Marieth – Avenida Presidente Remon, Panamanian Food

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Restaurante Enrique – Los Angeles, Chinese food

Marisqueria Don Juan – Downtown Puerto Armuelles, Seafood

Hutto’s – Heavenly’s Hotel, San Vicente, American Food  770-0989

El Buen Sabor – Roasted chicken and burgers, El Carmen  6821-8249

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Rosarial #1 – Avedida San Jose, Panamanian Food & fried Chicken

Rosarial #2 – Downtown Puerto Armuelles, Panamanian Food & fried Chicken


Fonda Sony

Irma Lorena

La Esquina del Sabor

Cafeteria San Antonio

Centro Turistico Angelica – Charco Azul

La Lucha


Marisqueria Mily

Marisqueria Yola


Refresqueria Dorluzmar

Refresqueria Mr. Angel



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