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1 – Downtown Puerto Armuelles

VisitPuertoArmuelles.comwww.visitpuertoarmuelles.comDowntown is made up of mostly small commercial shops and buildings. It starts near the Dolphin Monument and goes down to the pier. For a list of businesses in Puerto Armuelles, please see the Business Directory.

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 2 – El Carmen (Silver City)

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comEl Carmen was originally built by Chiquita Banana (United Fruit Company) nearest the pier because it housed the laborers who worked on the dock, loading the ships with bananas. It runs from the pier south, along the beach.

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3 – San Vicente


San Vicente is known for


4 – Las Palmas (La Zona)

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comLas Palmas was built by the Chiquita Banana Company in the 1930’s through the 1950’s. It was an exclusive gated community that housed the company executives.

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5 – Buena Vista (Spanish Town)

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comSpanish Town is very similar to Las Palmas and located right next door. The homes look alike, but the lots tend to be smaller so the homes are closer together. The original residents were mid to upper management employees of the Chiquita Banana Company.

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6 – Los Angeles

7 – Retorno

8 – Rio Mar

9 – El Palmar

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comEl Palmar is a fairly large community located in the corregimiento of Puerto Armuelles, district of  Barú, province of Chiriquí. There are at least 3 sections of El Palmar known as El Palmar Norte, El Palmar Centro, and El Palmar Sur.

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  1. Shellie

    The for sale portion of your real estate listings does not appear to be working.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Shellie! It should be working properly now 🙂

  2. Joanne Ehlinger

    Las Palmas was never a gated area, at least not for the 17 years we lived there. There was also a school, from kindergarten through 8th grade, run by the United Fruit Company, with teachers brought in from the States. It was a wonderful place to live and it will always be our second home, if only in our thoughts.

    1. admin (Post author)

      There is a gate arm, which is locked in the “up” position now, and a guard shack at the entrance. According to old-timers, Las Palmas was a gated community a long time ago. Not since I’ve been here, although there has been talk about possibly making it a gated community again some day.


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