Grocery Stores (Supermercado)

Larger super markets are called supermercados in Panama. The smaller ones are known as “mini supers”, often shortened to M/S, which is usually followed by the name of the neighborhood or a person’s name. Some are so small that they are just a window on the side of a residence and only carry a few snack items and drinks. There is NO shortage of these little ‘convenience stops as you travel around the town and barrios in Puerto Armuelles!

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comRomero’s – Avenida San Jose, Monte Verde  507-850-6300   770- 8031

Super Puerto Armuelles – Downtown Puerto Armuelles  770-9835

Supermercado Disney – Downtown Puerto Armuelles

Supermercado Galy

Super Chiriqui – Downtown Puerto Armuelles


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