Street Tacos In Puerto Armuelles

Sometimes when I’m on the run, I stop for a quick taco at one of my favorite street vendors. Puerto’s version of a Fast Food joint! They are only $2 each and packed full of tasty ingredients. For me, one is usually enough to hit the spot!

Either the Superpan Bakery or a set-up across the street has fresh grilled soft tacos made to order, daily. They set up their griddle around dusk, and cook until 10pm or so, depending on business. I ordered beef tacos on this visit, with a friend. They start with a soft tortilla and cook the meat separately. While the tortillas are heating up, they pile on ‘secret’ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, picante (if you want a little kick), the sliced meat of your choice, and cheese.  The hot soft taco is gently folded in half and wrapped in foil “to go”.

At least as fast as Taco Bell but cooked to order with fresh ingredients ~ a perfect night-time snack or dinner!

Watch how they make your street tacos in Puerto Armuelles:


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