Review: Ferreteria Los Angeles

When moving into a new town, finding places to shop for your needs is always challenging, especially if there is not a big box store in your community.  This is especially true when you move into a new country with a different language, customs and local stores.  However, shopping with small and family-owned businesses has its own rewards of familiarity and extra helpfulness.


The Los Angeles Ferreteria has become my first go-to place when I need something for the house or yard.  It is conveniently located between the high school and Romeros, and there is always parking.  The owners and staff are friendly. Jennifer and others speak and write English, which makes life easier if you are still learning Spanish.   Sometimes the English word I use for an item is unfamiliar to them.  So I write the word on paper. They look it up on the computer; find a picture, and within seconds, I have the item in my hand.


In the three years that they have been in business, they have amassed a large inventory.  I am always surprised by the amount of merchandise they keep behind the counter.  It ranges from their specialty of  building materials, to paint, to sand to wheelbarrows and to my favorite:  superglue.    If they don’t have the item you want, they will order it for you.


www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comThey also make deliveries, with free deliveries within a certain radius from the store.  They are open six days a week from 7:30 am to 6pm and on Sundays from 7:30 to 3:00 pm.  Give them a visit.  They will take good care of you.

***Thanks to Sheryl for the awesome review!

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