Lunch with a View and Football too – Bar Tisamar

I went to Tisamar on the beach in downtown Puerto Armuelles for lunch with a couple of friends recently. There was a football (Soccer) game being televised on a big screen TV above the bar with a restaurant full of viewers.

Tables were available on the outside patio, overlooking the beaches north of Puerto. The sound of the sports fans and TV were not so loud outside and, surprisingly, we were able to easily hear our conversation.

The remodel of Tisamar has proved to be another plus for downtown. The restaurant and kitchen are clean and there is a new menu. Most of the meal items for lunch were between $5-10 each. There were ceviche, seafood, and chicken dishes ~ local style. I had fried chicken, which came with French fries and a salad. My friends had clams and a seafood dish. The food was tasty and we shared bites to experience them all.

As the name suggest, Tisimar is also a bar, so we had a couple of national beers with our meals. I hear the music when I drive by at night, although the disco scene isn’t my thing anymore, it looks like it is a popular place with the younger crowd after dark.

www.visitPuertoArmuelles.comLocated at the north end of the main beach road, on the corner just down from the main bus terminal. The main attraction for me is the expansive ocean and beach view from the corner location, on the open air patio.

The first time I went to Tisamar, 4 years ago, I was not impressed. It was pretty rundown back then. Since the owner came back to Puerto Armuelles and took it over, there have been many improvements made.

I’m glad I gave it another chance and will definitely go again.

Bar Tisamar is another sign of the overall changes for the better that we are seeing all around Puerto Armuelles!

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  1. Becky

    Tisamar has definitely made a push to improve on many fronts. I agree its late night action is a little loud for me….but it is an excellent spot to stop during the day for a nice cold beer and some ocean gazing. They have worked hard with the food and seem to get a fairly decent lunch crowd. In a town with limited options it is nice to have another choice. Their fried fish is a really heavy batter and deters a bit from the fish, but what they miss in the food is made up for in the atmosphere and getting a chance to sit “outside” and eat!!


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