ACPN Vision: Could This be the Future of Puerto?

Let me start by saying this is NOT the feasibility study that was done by Nathan & Associates for Puerto Armuelles, which was contracted by the National Government of Panama. When I get word of that proposal, you will be the next to know!

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This proposal is from a private group that calls themselves Fundación Alianza Ciudadana por el Progreso Nacional (ACPN). In English that is Citizens’ Alliance Foundation for National Progress.

 You can get more info on their Facebook page for Puerto Armuelles 2020.

The ACPN submitted this proposal in April of 2015 for consideration by the national government, for the development of the Baru district. It’s a lofty plan that would require a major overhaul of the current infrastructure (actually, any plan would require that). This proposed plan is for Puerto Armuelles and Paso Canoas and includes;

• Renovation of Glories Sports Stadium
• New Baru sports complex
• Renovation of Chiquita Softball Stadium
• Renovation of Airport
• Duty free – Commercial center- Free Zone
• New Industrial and cruise dock
• Tomas Armuelles Coastal Walkway
• International customs center – Paso Canoas

There is a Curved Coastal Walk with gazebos and benches for enjoying the beautiful bay, port and sound of the waves;from Bar Tisamar through El Carmen. There would also be a museum and technological center, and public parking.

I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time envisioning this scenario in Puerto Armuelles. There is certainly a lot of interest in our town and a possible new port lately, so who knows ~ Maybe if enough people have a new vision for a better and more modern Puerto, it will someday manifest…in the meantime, check out this group’s proposal and daydream a little!

The proposal is in Spanish only. I did not post all of the pages, just the highlights.

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  1. Bob Goad

    Who would wish such a horrible fate on your charming little town?

    1. admin (Post author)

      You’re not the first person to ask that question, Bob!

  2. Mike Roads

    Of course a Purist is the first to step up and stand against a better vision …

    The plans look like a wonderful improvement for the people of the city. Hope great things will happen

    1. admin (Post author)

      This plan was submitted by a nonprofit organization and is not an official plan for Puerto. It’s lofty, but any improvement will be welcome and is expected with all the happenings around town. It’s good to imagine possibilities! 🙂


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