Volcán Barú from Puerto Armuelles

Volcán Barú the highest point in Panama, which also happens to be a potentially active volcano! At 3,474 meters high, the towering Baru Volcano is the 12th highest peak in Central America and the only place in the world where, on the clearest of days, you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time. The volcano has had four eruptive episodes during the past 1,600 years, including its most recent eruption about 400–500 years ago. Several other eruptions occurred in the prior 10,000 years.

In many different places from Puerto Armuelles to Punta Burica, a vista of Volcán Barú can be seen clearly. Here are a few I have photographed.

Volcán Barú from the downtown pier.








Volcán Barú from Tisamar, Puerto Armuelles.







Volcán Barú from Agua Buena arriba.










Volcán Barú from Hooked on Panama, Limones









Volcán Barú from the beach between Limones and Punta Burica.



Volcán Barú from Punta Burica.













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