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Chiquita Banana (previously United Fruit Company) was instrumental in the economic growth of Puerto Armuelles. Masters of marketing, they took a little known, tropical and exotic, fruit back in the 1940’s and turned it into one of the most popular fruits today. Let’s take a look at some of their old marketing campaigns.


The company had to educate the public on the health benefits and how to store, peel, and eat a banana. They often targeted children, through their parents.

They provided lots of creative recipes, even cookbooks just for banana recipes









CLICK HERE to see a sampling of the recipes that were promoted by Chiquita and a glimpse of their first Cookbook.


Miss Chiquita is still the mascot today. She is 75 years old in 2019












To view the TV commercial below CLICK HERE.

TV Commercial in 1960’s

Buy more bananas to collect all of the Winter Olympic stickers



Buy more bananas to collect all of the football team stickers






















There were a variety of branded merchandise that consumers could purchase

Camping gear

Of course, there is an entire set of collectibles around “Miss Chiquita”

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comTo watch a selection of Vintage Chiquita commercials CLICK HERE

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