Sunrise Inn: A Hidden Gem in Puerto Armuelles

Sunrise Inn, formerly called Tsunami Inn, is now under new ownership. I have personally stayed at this quaint little boutique hotel at least a dozen times. It is well worth a stay if you are planning a visit to Puerto – the only trick is finding the place!

Sunrise Inn is located on the beach at the far west end of the town of Puerto Armuelles, and to arrive at the front entrance, you have to drive through a neighborhood called San Vicente, on a dirt road. The first thought that will go through your mind is “this can’t be the right way”, but keep going! You will either drive on a narrow paved road to the end of the street and turn left at the small sign nailed to a tree, or hug the beach on a bumpy dirt road until you see the colorful cabanas on your right. That’s how I found it the first time ~ by accident!

At the time of my first visit, Tsunami Inn was pretty much the only beachfront option to stay in Puerto. There is already a lot of history behind the popular hotel, as long time residents can tell you. Today, under new ownership and bright new ideas for the future, we are witnessing a transformation that is sure to continue to make SUNRISE INN the #1 place to stay when visiting Puerto! The first change was the name – Sunrise is certainly more pleasant. 🙂


Once you arrive, you will be welcomed by the owner, Ron Schings . He is always around and treats everyone like family.  The focal point of the hotel is a beautifully maintained small swimming pool and a rancho with a bar and tables behind it. The outside living area is surrounded by 7 colorful cabanas where the guests stay. Rates are $50 per night, with discounts for extended stays. Each of the private cabanas has an ocean view. There is even a resident monkey and 2 small parrots to entertain you!

The entire hotel, including the rancho area, has wi-fi available. There are some kitchenette features in a few of the cabanas, which all have air-conditioning, although you may not need it with the ocean breezes. There are also laundry facilities available.

Cold Panamanian beer is for sale for $1 each. The fridge at the rancho is available for guests to store a few cold items. You have to bring your own food or eat at a nearby restaurant (a few offer delivery services, so be sure to ask). However, Ron is up at the crack of dawn and every morning there is fresh coffee and a light breakfast to greet you as you enjoy the sunrise in Panama. Then, take a swim in the pool or a leisurely stroll along the beach where you will probably not see another soul, except the occasional fisherman throwing a net.


You can find Sunrise Inn online at their Facebook page to make reservations

or contact them via phone & WhatsApp at (507) 6508-2896 or 6604-9369.

Enjoy your stay!

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  1. Donna

    Congrats! Love the place; it’s beautiful 💕. Hope to visit you and all your accomplishments ! Miss you guys❤️


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