Day of Health Photos From the Fincas

Day of Health or Jornada de Salud is an outreach charity event to bring much needed medical, dental, and other services to the impoverished finca farmers in the remote areas of Baru. What a successful day! Estimates are that 1200 attendees benefited from the hard work of Puerto’s own Carlos Motta, SENFRONT, MINSA, and the Red Cross.

Free Pediatric care for families.

A stuffed toy makes the day.

Yarisell Gaitan, assistant to Carlos Motta

Donated clothes are a big hit!

Red Cross is an active participant

Pharmacy services





Old Chiquita sign

Medical volunteers from MINSA








Editor interviews Yarisell

Free health pamphlets





Volunteers registering attendees

Health exams





Pet vaccinations too!





Piles of free clothes for everybody


For more photos and an article about the event go to Day Of Health in the Banana Fincas


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