5 Places to Get a Pizza in Puerto Armuelles

Just about everyone gets a craving from time to time for a tasty slice of pizza. The good news is that there are several places in Puerto Armuelles where you can satisfy that craving with an individual slice or a whole pie. Here are five places where I have personally sampled and reviewed the pizzas to give you a few choices.They are not in any particular order.


1. SuperPan

This is a popular bakery here in town, located between the Genius Store and Romero’s on Avenida San Jose. Slices of pizza are larger than most places and are sold for $1 each. The crust is thicker and more bread-like, probably since it is a bakery. I found it filling but a bit bland; the seasoning was not what I would normally expect from a traditional Italian style pizza. Whole large pies are $15-16 each. They are open all day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.





2. AFC Pollo Frito & Pizza

This cafe style restaurant is across the street from Iglesia San Antonio de Padua on Avenida Presidente Ramon, in the Super Yen complex. Slices are $1 each and a bit on the small side. Although the flavor was good, I thought the thin crust was a little under-cooked. I prefer a crispy crust if I go with thin crust pizza. Whole large pizza is $15-16. Because this place is right across the street from the High School, it tends to have a line at lunchtime and after school. They are open from 9am – 10pm daily, except Sunday.





3. Don Carlos

This well known restaurant overlooking Malecon Park and the Banana Pier, is the oldest restaurant on my list. Pizza was very good, with a thin crust and well-seasoned sauce. They only sell whole pies and a large “familia” combo is $15. I love this restaurant for the ambiance and view of the park with all the people and dogs enjoying their walks. They are only open for dinner. Take-out is sometimes available and you can phone your order in ahead for pick up. 770-7773






4. Master Pizza

This pizza parlor is a new comer to Puerto this year. Located on Avenida San Jose; it’s hard to miss the red, white, and green striped building as you drive into town. They have delivery service, on a bicycle or motor bike, which is great when you don’t feel like leaving the house. I liked the pizza from here and will order from them again. They are only open for dinner. You can also order ahead so the pie is ready when you get there. 6254 – 8429



www.visitpuertoarmuelles.com5. Big Daddy’s Beach Club & Hotel

Located in San Vicente. I liked the thin and crispy crust and the taste was good here. This is my favorite pizza in Puerto so far. They only sell whole pies, but you can get individual or familia (large). Big Daddy’s also offers delivery service. Lunch and dinner. Call ahead for take-out or stay and enjoy the ocean view while you munch on your pizza with a couple of cold “cervezas”!   770- 0989




Okay, I have one more BONUS pizza establishment, which I can’t really give a good review of until I try it again.

www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comBONUS: Pizza Pilo’s

Discreetly located in barrio Los Angeles, in a residential home. Not as tradtional as the kind of pizza I like, but tasty in its own way. I ordered this one as a take-out and it had aluminum foil over the top, which was stuck to the cheese when I got it home. The toppings pulled off when I removed the foil, it was not hot, and the experience was pretty much lost. It probably would have been better if I had eaten it at the restaurant, so I will give it another chance. They are only open for dinner.



Do you have a favorite pizza joint in Puerto Armuelles? Please share in the comment section below!


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