Review: NOPS Bakery

There is no sign to mark this popular little bakery, though you will often find a line here. 

As with any bakery, the variety of baked goods is much more plentiful in the mornings. I think they make the best biscotti in town, and they are only 5 for $1! I paid over $2 for each one in the states! These are half the size, but still a great deal. They have an Anise or Ginger flavor available most days. There is actually FRESH ginger in it! Dip that in your coffee and enjoy the health benefits as well!

Another regular item I pick up at NOPS is “Pan Integral”, or whole wheat bread (or buns, which I slice to use for burgers). Occasionally, I break down and get donuts (for guests, of course 😉 or a decadent chocolate brownie. Once in a while, I even stop in for a Starbucks Vanilla Latte in a bottle – I am MOSTLY over that.


www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comNOPS carries everything you’d expect to find in a bakery, from fresh bread to custom cakes. Catering service is available for your special events.There is also a deli menu with snacks and drinks, like fresh fruit smoothies,if you feel like sitting at one of their tables and people-watching for a while. The staff is friendly and helpful. The owner is usually there and she speaks a little English.


NOPS Bakery

Located on Avenida Presidente Remon (across from Catholic Church)

PHONE: 770-8120


Daily: 8am – 6pm

Sundays: 6am – 12 noon




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