Photos of the New Dionisio Arrocha Hospital: 2020

Here are some photos of the new Dionisio Arrocha Hospital in Puerto Armuelles, which opened the doors of Phase 1 on November 6th, 2019. Phase 1 includes External services and Specialized Consultations, Emergency room, Diabetes and the Injection Clinic, which have all been moved over from the old facility, as well as Administration, Medical Management, and Medical Records. Phase 2 construction is well underway!

In September 2019, the technical staff of the Dionisio Arrocha Hospital in Puerto Armuelles, received training on the special systems and new electronics that were installed in the first phase of the modern building.

Here are photos of the hospital in October 2019, just prior to opening.


Over $15 million in New medical equipment for the hospital Phase 1.

On October 26th, Salud Ocupacional (Occupational Health) verified that the environmental systems were within the norms for the benefit of patients and collaborators. Deep cleaning of the new Dionisio Arrocha Hospital in Puerto Armuelles was performed prior to opening.

Here is an official video from the CSS just after the new hospital opened, which shows inside.

Dr. Manuel Shepherd and staff in the Gynecology department, are incorporating the new electrosurgical technology and equipment for patients at the new Dionisio Arrocha Hospital in Puerto Armuelles.


There are 2 new ambulances which are assigned to the new facilities of the Dionisio Arrocha hospital in Puerto Armuelles.

November 1, 2019: meet Dr. Franci Villarreal, the new Medical Director of the Dionisio Arrocha Hospital in Puerto Armuelles.

Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Adalbert Mayorga Coronado is assigned full-time at the Hospital.

Dr. Adalbert Mayorga Coronado ~ plastic surgeon in Puerto Armuelles

Dr. Enrique Lau Cortés, General Director of CSS (la Caja de Seguro Social) was in Puerto Armuelles on December 30, 2019. He visited the newly opened Phase 1 of the hospital, which officially opened on November 6, 2019. Dr. Cortés also inspected the progress of Phase 2 and spoke with administrators and construction crews. ***When Lau Cortés took office on October 1, 2019, he began a certification process for all CSS health facilities so that they have high quality standards for the general public.

Dentistry Department in Phase 1 of the new hospital.

Speaking with Patients in Phase 1 waiting room.

Talking with crew and inspection of Phase 2 construction.

The first month of operation (Nov.6, 2019 – Dec.6, 2019) the new emergency room treated 112 patients.  Among these 67 were insured and 45 uninsured. 

Stay tuned for new photos as Phase 2 progresses!


Read about the Hospital Plan and see a rendition of the finished project HERE.


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