Harvesting Mangos in Panama


Mango season has begun! Soon trees all over Puerto Armuelles will be loaded with fruit. Local entrepreneurs have already begun to “gleen” trees to sell the fruit in markets throughout Baru. I have received anywhere from $30 – 80 per tree in the past, and there is still plenty of fruit left after they fill their truck and leave.



Anyone with a mature mango tree in their yard knows that it is not possible for one family and their friends to consume as many mangos as the tree will produce. So, when you see the trucks, with long bamboo fruit pickers in the back, be sure to sell some of your mangos to them. It helps keep you from having so much fruit to pick up from the ground later, you make a little cash, and you help an industrious  local businessman to earn a living.

Here is a short video I took that shows how the mango fruits are picked from way up high in a mature tree. Enjoy!

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