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www.visitpuertoarmuelles.comAt first glance, a new visitor to Puerto Armuelles may feel a bit lost. This town was once a port for the shipment of bananas from the surrounding plantations and a fishing village. There are not the obvious tourist sites, museums, and attractions you’d expect to see in a tourist town on the beach.

That’s what is so special about Puerto Armuelles, Panama:

It’s anything but your typical tourist town!

Which is why, if you are adventurous and willing to look a bit deeper, you may discover some hidden gems of history, present day, and the future are all around you. If you are visiting for only a day or two, you  may like to start with one of our Self-guided Day Tours of Puerto Armuelles. Fill any free time you have left with a visit to some of the little street vendors and shops, take a casual nature hike in the jungle for bird-watching, or relax at one of the many secluded beaches.

Visit Puerto ArmuellesStart your journey here:

Self-Guided Walking Tour #1 – Las Palmas & Spanish Town

Self-Guided Walking Tour #2 – Downtown Puerto & the Pier (coming soon!)

 Also coming soon: Bike Tour, Surf Spots, and Hiking Trails!


Explore Landmarks around town on your own:

Landmarks Around Puerto Armuelles


Enjoy some local attractions & activities:

Attractions & Activities Around Puerto Armuelles


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